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You beautiful soul, 
I’m Loa, I’m originally from Cologne, Germany and I’m about
to become a mother.
I fell in love with the devotional way of Bali
and I’ve called it my home since 5 years. 

When the medicine of the breath found me, my life
changed forever. 
I felt the calling to learn everything about this ancient breathing technique and devoted my energy and time to not only study the science and spirit of breathwork but truly
to embody it. 
That meant giving up my successful online business and learning
the art of spaceholding and sitting in ceremony. 

Through teaching many breathwork and spaceholding trainings
I had the honor to witness hundreds of humans experiencing
deep healing and sustainable transformation. 

My prayer for the world is that every single human can experience the power and liberation of ceremonial breathwork. 

But do you know what makes Ceremonial Breathwork
truly so special?
It is the intimacy within the container that allows you to truly
be seen and heard.
And for your soul to be expressed. 

I can’t wait to see you in our next Breathwork Training
in Bali Feb 2025. 



My name is Braedy Mac. 

I am a Canadian living in Bali. 
A few years ago I opened up the first clinical breathwork center
in Vancouver. 
My teachings are based on combining western neuroscience
with ancient yogic philosophy. 

After years of supporting clients as a nervous syzstem specialist
and teaching breathwork trainings around the world with a very clinical approach I realized something was missing. 


And this is why my wife and I created ceremonial breathwork. 

Back then, I used to overwork a lot and was on the edge of burning out several times. 
Now I know there is a different way. 

A way of ceremony in every aspect of my life. 

In all of my relationships from my work to my family
to my environment. 
And myself. 

If you’re curious to learn about Ceremonial Breathwork I look forward to see you in our next Breathwork Training Feb 2025. 

With love 



» learn about the biology and neuroscience of breath

» learn the art of hosting ceremonies

» use bodywork in a trauma informed and intuitive way

» learn how to work with the subconscious mind and the wisdom of the body

» create spaces where humans experience profound healing and sustainable transformation

» realign to your own hearts deepest truth

» deepen your own embodiment and liberate your soul

We are more than excited to open the doors for our 6 weeks Practitioner Training here in Bali in February 2025.

We are honored to teach you how to create
safe and responsible containers and how to practice
and be of service to one of the most powerful
healing modalities in the world.

If you feel called to join one of our
breathwork trainings, please fill out this form
and we will come back to you.



day 8 after my water broke, this letter for him wanted to be written. a few hours later he was born.. 🥹🦋
Oh Leo, 
my sonshine. I am about to birth you. When do you choose to come? It’s been 8 days since my water broke. 8 days of ceremony and waiting for you patiently. Your dad and I found love and intimacy in places we were not able to before. These 8 days gave us the opportunity to learn. To learn about ourselves but also who we are together as a family and who we want to be. You are the greatest blessing and gift we’ve ever received. I’m moved beyond words by how your soul chooses to come earthside. Let me tell you - this life - being alive on planet earth is incredibly beautiful. Everyday is a poem about love. Everyday we are learning something new - if we are open and curious enough to stay students of life. You are my teacher and I am yours - and so are the stars and the sun and the trees and every human that you meet on your journey here. I can promise you one thing - I will love you unconditionally - your whole life. I will protect you like a leo mama and I will give you the freedom, spaciousness and respect to follow your very own path of truth. 
My son - Leonidas - this life is precious. Live it to the fullest. Enjoy it - the joyful moments and the sad, scary or challenging moments. We are here to experience it all. All the colours of this life. And please know support is always here - in the moment you open your heart. Your dad and I will be there for you - always. And I know you will have amazing humans around you on your journey. Please always remember 
Your heart is free. 
Your truth is sacred. 
You are powerful. 
Your softness is a strength and your guide to intimacy and connection. 
Your light is welcome. 
And your darkness is welcome. 
I love you with all my heart. 
I can not wait to hold you finally. 
To meet you. 
To get to know your character. 
To see your face. 
Your body. 
To hear you. 
And cuddle you. 
We are strong. 
We are ready. 
Come into our arms. 
Come into our arms.
postpartum bliss 🫧✨

I’m still crying out of relief that he is here. 
and that I followed my intuition and my embodiment to wait for him to come naturally. 
to not get confused by many around me worrying when I felt healthy the entire time. 
no one knows better for the health of the child than the mother who carried the baby 9 months in her womb. 
there are as many birthing stories as there are women on this planet. 
these 8 days of waiting were my initiation into motherhood. Into the deepest inner knowing and trust. Into empowerment, responsibility and leadership in a situation that was so new to me. birth. a rite of passage. a ceremony.

words can not describe my gratitude for how our birth story unfolded and how peacefully and healthy he came earthside. 

to all mothers out there - I see you, I bow to you, I love you, I respect you. you are perfect exactly as you are. 

#motherhood #naturalbirth #positivebirth
on this father’s day - love goes out to all the amazing fathers out there. we love you, we see you, we need you, we appreciate everything that you give and everything that you are. 🤍

and especially to you @braedy.mac my love - this is your first fathers day. 🥹 I remember you saying to me „everything I truly wanna be is a family man“ — and now you are. ♥️

I want to take this moment to honor you in your new role as a father. Thank you for everything that you give every single day. Especially these days. 🥹🤱🏼 Thank you for being the rock for me when I’m overwhelmed. Thank you for your clarity and perspective. Thank you for your willingness to sit in difficult conversations with me and choose love over everything else. The way you live family is extraordinary. The way you love makes us thrive as a family. The way you are is a blessing to our family and the world. Thinking about how you care and support especially during pregnancy, birth and now postpartum brings me to tears. Right now you’re cleaning the dishes after you cooked the most delicious dinner for us whilst I’m breastfeeding our son. It’s these little things that are everything. Everything. 

happy father’s day 🤍
Leonidas Tilem Mac 🤍 - 06.06.2024 - born in the night of Tilem, black moon in Bali.

Ohhh what a journey. What a journey. 
My water broke 8 days before his birth. And with that he opened up a huge portal for us. 

Braedy and I in this small room at the natural birthing center. Our faith, presence and patience tested like never before. 8 days to go within, to stick together, to pray, to cry, to laugh and to purify. 

In the black moon tilem night he decided to come. Strong strong waves for 3 hours - just Braedy and me on my yoga mat riding them. I could have never done it without his unconditional support, strength, encouragement and love. The final push 1 minute with the midwife singing mantras and our son was born healthy and peacefully into our arms. 🦋🤍😭

The biggest experience and ceremony of my life. The deepest surrender. The closest I have ever been to spirit, god, a miracle. 

We couldn’t be more relieved, honored and are so incredibly in love with him, our natural birthing story and our young family life now. 

I’m still in deep integration and healing space but wanted to say HE IS HERE and THANK YOU for all the messages and love and everyone who prayed with us in these 8 days. 🫶🏽♥️

Special thank you to all of my sisters who were so very close to me with prayers and messages of deep empowerment and faith during the birth process. I love you so much. 🥹🤍

Oh Leo sunshine. 
Finally you are here. 
Finally you are here. 

waiting for you is a ceremony and such a sacred initiation.. 🦋✨🤍 

the loa bundle - german edition available for 244€ only until 30.05. 23:59 german time [all infos on or through the link in my profile]


Und plötzlich war da diese Idee. 
Die Idee von einem Bundel von meinen Lieblings-Creations.
Für meine deutsch sprachige Community. 
Die Idee Kurse an denen ich Monate und Jahre gearbeitet habe wieder mit euch und der Welt zu teilen. 
Es sind nicht nur meine Favoriten, sondern auch die Kurse die bei meinen Kunden die nachhaltigste und tiefgehenste Transformationen bewirkt haben. 

Seit 8 Jahren arbeite als Coach, Speaker, bilde Menschen aus zu Coaches und Breathworkern und sowas gab es noch nie! 

Alle Creations kannst du jetzt im Bundle erwerben und ganz entspannt in deinem Tempo von überall aus in der Welt machen. Alle Kurse bleiben dir dein Leben lang zur Verfügung. 

Enjoy, my loves! Enjoy … 

Mehr zu den 4 Creations auf 

So so so much love 

xxxx Guiding people to their truth.
Is this your path?